All results are now confirmed

Confirmation of the final results have been emailed to candidates from Tuesday 2 April 2024. Candidates who do not have an email address will be sent a letter by post.

View the results for the Local First Nations Voice positions in the 2024 SA First Nations Voice Election:



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Counting schedule now available

Counting of the votes commenced from Monday 25 March 2024. 


At any time within 48 hours after the provisional declaration, a candidate who was not elected could have requested a recount of the votes. The request for a recount must have been made in writing to the Electoral Commissioner using the online form or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Voting closed at 6pm Saturday 16 March.

The South Australian First Nations Voice to Parliament Election will be held on Saturday, 16 March 2024. Only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on the South Australian electoral roll can vote. The Declaration of nominations and draw for positions on the ballot paper was conducted on Monday 26 February 2024. Find a voting location and vote!

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Provisional results will be declared at the conclusion of the count for each region. This means provisional results will be made progressively throughout the week commencing from Monday 25 March, and may continue into early April following the Easter break.

More information about election results will be provided soon.


Why vote

Voting in the SA First Nations Voice to Parliament Election is important because it is how you will get to choose who will represent you and your local community.


Voting in the Voice elections

To vote in the Voice elections, you:

  • must be a First Nations person
  • must be enrolled on the State electoral roll (which closed at 5:00 pm on 12 February 2024).

Based on community feedback, and to make sure there is local representation, you will be voting for candidates within the Voice region you are enrolled to vote in. 

Voting in the First Nations Voice election is not compulsory and there are no fines or penalties for not voting.


When and where to vote

In-person voting on polling day 16 March 2024:

There will be polling booths set up across the state on Saturday 16 March 2024. Locations will be published closer to the election date.


Can’t vote on Polling Day?

If you are unable to attend a polling booth on polling day, there are other options to make sure you can cast your vote.

1. Early voting: Wednesday, 6 March 2024 to Friday, 15 March 2024

Early voting centres will be established during the 2 weeks before polling day across the state. Eligible electors who cannot attend a polling booth on election day may cast their vote at an early voting centre. Locations will be published at

2. Postal voting (applications closed at 5pm Friday 8 March)

If you are unable to attend a polling booth or early voting centre, postal vote applications were available from 1 February 2024 at selected locations across the state or could be downloaded from this website (from 1 February 2024) or by contacting our call centre. Completed applications needed to be returned to ECSA (by 5pm Friday 8 March) to receive a postal voting pack. Postal voting packs containing ballot papers were sent out via post from the week of Monday, 4 March 2024.

3. Mobile polling

Mobile polling is being conducted in regional and remote locations across South Australia between Monday, 4 March and Saturday, 16 March 2024.

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How to vote

Click on the link below to find out how to complete your ballot paper.

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All results are now confirmed


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